May 31, 2010

6. Sunshine

Bila dia di sisi , I'll smile. I'll laugh. And i'll be happy.

Bila dia jauh , I'll miss. I'll cry. And i'll be sad.

I received baby's text message just now. And it makes me smile :)) immediately. After he reminds me of all the moments we had together.

Since the 1st day I saw him. I just wanna make him fall for me. I didn't realized that he actually fall for it. But since the day I confessed things clearly to him , I'm happy and getting fatter till now. Only baby can make me smile widely and non-stop.

Baby , missing you is a hard work for me. Being with you is an easy moment forever. But dealing with this kind of r/ship ? Hmm. Whatever it is sayang , I know that you know that we both are just the same person who in love for the same reason and at the same time loyalty is priority. I'm thanking ALLAH for all the love and happiness I had since the last 4 years. 4 years is coming baby. And I hope celebration for that special day will be the best for the time being. I miss you. And I'm writing this love note for you and public to read. I don't care no more. Only you in my head right now. Mwaamwaa.

Public , I'm sorry that you guys have to read this. Didn't mean to show off. But I miss him badly. And nowwww, ahahah. We'll stop talking about this k ! :)

Happy reading loves.

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