June 07, 2010

15. Day nine

A photo you took :

Just now : 07.06.2010 ; 22:45

Dear Bumpy.
I wish you would stay here beside me everyday.
Until the day I met the death.
I want you to make me happy forever.
You're different from others.
I must admit that.
And I'm happy because you picked me and I saved you.
When first I saw you, you were 2 months old.
You were so little.
You were everybody's favorite until today.
The third months , you were all grown up.
So freaking active.
Makes me feel like throwing you out forever.
But all of sudden when you were five months old.
You had fever.
You were so quiet.
You make the world stop by not making any sound nor noise.
And people are so worried about you being so quiet.
I brought you to the vet.
And you get the injection that you were supposed to get.
And all the medicine.
And from there, you were eating EXPENSIVE food.
Very good food.
And you were so good when you came to my house.
My hometown :) I called bumpy for 2 times.
You came running towards the sound of BUMPY that I make.
You know me.
You just knew.
That makes me fall for you all over again , everyday.
And as for today , I'm making your photo as the photo that I took :)
Be happy sayang.
You know you always get my heart and never will returned it back.
Kan sayang.
I love you forever BUMPY :)
Mwaaaa :)

Have fun guys !

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