July 12, 2010

23. Nurul Amira Yusof

Sahabat, biar aku kasi tao sama kao. Aku tak bermaksud untuk buat sesape jealous. And as the public know. Love isn't perfect. Love isn't easy. Most of them , haven't find their true one. Yet. But look at you now. You have your afro. Don't you feel easy when he's around ? Don't you feel glad ? I know how your attitude is. Even though it is not much but what the hell right. At least I know what kind of attitude you have in you. Nobody will blame you for having such bad attitude. As long as you know and realize that what you're feeling and thinking at that current time is wrong. It is enough. You have love. You have him. You have what you have now. There's thing that people just can't get enough. Which is time. Time consuming when you had fight all the time. You're wasting your time when you fight for small thing and problem. Or such misunderstanding. Every problem, sure will have solution. That's the reason why problem exist :) It's not wrong to have such feelings. Tapi , aku tao kao bole kawal anger kao towards someone. So,why don't you use that as your weapon. Every time rase nak mara, think about the sweetest moment that you guys have been thru together. Thru thick and thin. Be with him whenever he is in need. And love him to the fullest. Don't fight nor start it :) Believe me , you will get the happiness that you've been waiting for. Remember, at least you have found him. At least there's someone for you. At least he will stay with your anger :) Sorry if aku banyak cakap. Dulu aku suka marah. Aku mmg takley sabar. But when I'm with him. The best moment is just the best forever. Even when we had any arguments and fight :) But one of us will automatically stop the anger and listen to it :) It's a harsh word. BUT. We know that the word is not meant for us. Kan Nurul Amira Yusof :) Afro is with you. Whenever you wanna get in fight with him, put yourself in his place. Pikir balik how your feelings will be if dia mara kao cm kao mara dia. Insyaallah, everything will be normal and things will get better :) Promise you that. Ikut je method aku. Loveyou Nurul Amira Yusof :)

Others, sorry entry kali nie khas utk Mira (sahabat aku).
Tapi if yang laen rase this kind of word bole bantu korg , alhamdulillah :)

Have fun reading my way of attitude :)


  1. yes..it is very much helpful for me either..
    i learn something from u nab...
    so,hopefully our mira mereng will start to appreciate her afro..
    d most important things in r/ship is being tolerate and considerate as much as u can...

  2. that is so true ct :) im glad it helped :)