August 04, 2010

29. SGH-G800

This is my very hot babe. I lost her last Saturday. It's my fault. I'm way too careless. But, I didn't cry. I swear. But I want to :( I'm sad but I didn't cry.

Maybe Allah is testing me. I accept it as what it written to be.

But today, just now, as in Wednesday. The feeling of emptiness came. I feel down. I feel useless. Sometime, somehow, I know that she is not meant for me, no more :(

I just wanna wrote this down because I'm too sad but I cannot cry no matter how hard I tried to.

To people out there, take a good care of your belongings. Don't be careless like me. It hurts real bad. And sometime, u won't be needing anything but SPACES.

Ya Allah, aku bersyukur dengan segala dugaan yang kau berikan pada aku selama ini. Amin.

Thank you Allah.

Readers, sorry it's gloomy !

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