October 25, 2010

35. Cry

17.02 pm. I cried reading Syafrah's blog. Why ? Because it hurts to loose people that we love. And so far, i'm still have everything. I am so sorry Syaf. I dont know how to comfort you.a d i dont know how to make you feel better. but what i know is please , dont forget her because she is always yours. cuma Allah wants her back. soalt is the most important thing.

17.10 pm. I just realized that best friend means nothing to me. why is that ? because i never have problem with bf but with gf, i do always have. for after so long i stayed with you. yes, we've been separated because things didn't go accordingly and not because of us. but what i noticed is that, u will say u miss me. but u never contact me. i am the only who did that. u don't enough time for me, but u have for others. so right now, i will stop doing things that i always do before. am gonna stop all this shits :) so long !


  1. Aku sangat terasa dengan post kau yang ini HAHA.

  2. sebab selalu kau yang cari aku! haaaaaaa ;p walaupun post ni takda kaitan dengan aku. HAHA.

  3. aww, it's okay. i'm fine. cuma kdg2 rindu tu dtg suddenly. :) tq btw

  4. mira : atleast kau tau takde kaitan ngn kau, so bagus la k.

    syaf : i know. ;(