November 08, 2010

39 : I give you 25 things you don't know about me

It's Monday ! Pfft

1. I hate Pink but I have tons of pink's shirt indirectly.

2. Nampak aku mcm memilih tapi aku tak memilih sgt :)

3. Mulut aku suka POKPEKPOKPEK ! hihi

4. Aku nak bela Dolphin satu hari nanti, insyaallah !

5. I wanna buy a house in front of the island. I meant real gorgeous island.

6. Quick learner yet slow pickup :P

7. Once I hate you, you'll be my enemy forever.

8. I will take care of my gfs like I take care of my babyboy !

9. Geli dgn lipas and cicak ! EUWWW !

10. Kalau terperanjat, bole menangis.

11. Bungee jumping ? Nak try tapi takut mengatasi segala keinginan ! heh. say NO to those.

12. I have very LITTLE quantity of friends.

13. I love stalking beautiful people.

14. Famous people is not my friend to be. Because, they would think that I chose to be friend with them for POPULARITY whic I am so NOT !.

15. Bermusuh ketat dengan bapak bila smpi mase utk berdiskusi. -.-

16. Takut utk jadi volunteer utk EMCEE or what so ever.

17. I played Sorority Life since form 5 ! :)

18. Muka perempuan, perangai Jantan.

19. Hate boys. :)

20. I have lots of boy friends :)

21. I eat less and gained weight.

22. Tried Slimming Center and Gym. Preferred Gym but if only you have some extra amount to be wasted :)

23. Working to earn money to get married, buy a car and for family.

24. Cats and Red is my obsession !

25. Gila ICE CREAM from baskin robins ! :)

That's the 25 of the thing you don't know about me. :)

Nak tag spe, I don't know. But whoever reads it, SHOULD DO IT !

Love Love Love